Compassionate, comprehensive skin care for patients of all ages.


Customized For Your Needs

Treating a wide variety of conditions, Sills Dermatology is the local expert in diseases and disorders of the skin, hair, and nails. We diagnose and treat common conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, sun damage, warts, rashes, and infections.


Skin Cancer and Lesion Removal

At Sills Dermatology we provide comprehensive skin cancer treatment including Mohs micrographic surgery, excisions, and curettage. By providing the most effective treatments in our office, patients don't have to travel long distances or sacrifice quality by getting local procedures.


Non-invasive Skin Cancer Treatment

Utilitizing the Sensus SRT-100 Vision, Sills Dermatology is unique in Northeast Arkansas as the only clinic offering superficial radiotherapy as a treatment for two of the most common skin cancers. This technology allows for direct visualization of cancer with ultrasound guidance cure rates exceeding standard surgical excision. Treatments are painless and do not leave surgical scars or deformities.